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Opinions are divided as to when exactly this fantastic casino game was invented, but one of the most popular theories holds that it originated with the Roman soldiers of old. They would shoot arrows onto a marked wheel, in an effort to score in terms of both points and high ranking in the troop they fought for. While some historians conjecture that it is far older than that, and that the origins of Roulette are to be found with the Ancient Chinese and Greeks, the game we know and love to play today was popularised far later on, by the French inventor Blaise Pascal.

Monsieur Pascal happened upon it by accident while he was trying to invent a perpetual motion machine, but he quickly saw the entertainment potential of his faux pas and capitalised on it at once. He set some rules, gave it the name it is known by all around the world today, and watched it sweep the gambling houses of Paris like no game before it ever had. The monks from the area, it is told, were particularly fond of it!

Online Roulette Becomes Increasingly Popular

Two gentlemen, Francois and Lois Blanc, opened up a variety of gambling dens in Germany in the middle of the 19th century, and quickly found roulette to be one of their locals’ favourites. Although very strict religious laws inhibited the spread of the game’s popularity, it was widely held in places like the famous Monte Carlo region, and we can trace the origin of the game we know and love to the version enjoyed there.

Roulette was triumphantly debuted in America soon after that, and became a standard offering at any good casino. Its ever constant popularity has now spread all over the world, and, thanks to the internet, fans of the finest Ghanaian online casinos can now enjoy fantastic versions of it whenever they like. You could even sample 3D versions of the game, if you so prefer, as well as live dealer games that bring all the thrilling action of this fantastic casino game right into your own home, via your computer, laptop or mobile device!

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How to Choose a Reputable Online Roulette Casino

With the massive surge in popularity of internet casinos, it can be a tough business to sort the reputable, licensed gambling houses from those out to make a profit from your trust. Luckily, our dedicated panel of reviewers has assessed and rated a wide variety of different Ghanaian casinos so that you do not have to place your personal and financial information at risk with casinos that are less than they purport to be! Simply choose an option from this website and relax in the knowledge that you are keeping safe whilst having fun at an Online Roulette table today.

Do not be intimidated by the thought of this great game if you have never had the opportunity to try it. Simply try roulette in free mode for as long as you need to in order to formulate your winning strategy and then start playing to win some real money prizes!